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To create effective Internet, Intranet and Extranet solutions, Digital Network Solutions works closely with its clients for the planning of an Internet Strategy that will improve its business processes and create a competitive advantage.

With an analysis of the client needs, the business processes and existing systems, our group of consultants offer recommendations for the Internet Strategy to implement, planning the solutions that will take full advantage of the technologies to fulfill the business objectives of your company.

Our consultants help your company with the planning and deployment of the connection of your network to the Internet, recommending the best hardware and configuration.

We pay special attention to the protection of the security of your company when connecting it to the Internet, providing our experience in the installation and configurations of firewalls for the protection of your information.

In addition, we offer our expertise in project administrations with your company's projects with Internet technologies and standards, including Web Site, Intranet and Extranet development, data base connecting, and e-commerce.

February 19, 2018
06:38:48 am