I.I.E. Development

I.I.E. Development = Internet, Intranet and Extranet Development


Having a presence on the Internet is not only having the electronic version of your corporate brochure.


A world class Internet presence requires an excellent image, effective content that communicates to and serves your client, and the technology that presents the content and the image in an attractive and dynamic way.


Digital Network Solutions has a team of specialist in Internet technologies and standards, as well as a team of graphic designers, for the development of world class Web Sites.

Our team of specialists takes care of the analysis and planning of your Web Site which allows your company to have an Internet presence of exceptional quality.


The business processes that your company conducts everyday can be automated with Intranet, Extranet and Groupware applications.


From the internal publication of operating manuals, policies and news in an internal Web Site, or Intranet, to the automation of such processes as accounting, procurement, ordering, travel expenses, and more.


Our specialists can apply their experience in technologies such as database systems integration, as well as groupware and workflow, e-commerce applications, security technologies, audio and video.


The constant training and research of our specialists puts us on the cutting edge of technology, offering world class applications to our clients.


Once your Web Site, Intranet or Extranet, is on-line, it requires content maintenance, structure and design evolution, and technological support.


Digital Network Solutions offers maintenance and support of every Web Site, Intranet and Extranet developed through a Maintenance Plan we provide to our clients.